The Best Value For Money Supermarket Revealed

Aldi takes the cake!

The Best Value For Money Supermarket Revealed

If brand names aren't a concern for you when going to the supermarket, then Aldi comes out ahead of Woolworths and Coles despite their big claims about value for money.

A Choice survey of the latest supermarket prices has found you can save heaps by switching from leading brands to budget products from the German discount chain.

The average cost of a basket of 33 items has found you can save nearly $80 at Aldi, if you ditch the brands.

The most expensive leading brand basket is from Coles ($170.54) ahead of Woolworths ($168.74), but if you go with each of their generic budget brands there's a big difference.

An average basket at Woolworths comes in at ($97.31) just ahead of Coles ($99.40), but still behind Aldi ($91.76).

Despite its cheaper prices, the German retailer does lag behind its main two rivals when it comes to products with some Australian ingredients.

The nationwide study found of the 28 food items in the basket, Coles supermarket brand basket had 22, Woolworths had 21, while Aldi only had 17.