This Is How Rough Renting Can Be

No Hot Water? You're Not Alone

This Is How Rough Renting Can Be

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If you have ever requested a repair job from your landlord and been ignored… you’re not alone!

A national survey of renters has been carried out for the first time, and it’s find a quarter of tenants get completely ignored when it comes to getting maintenance done.

The study, carried out by affordable housing, tenant and consumer groups says there's an "entrenched culture of fear among renters" that they hold no significant power to repair basic issues at their place of residence.

Half of more than 1000 renters surveyed say they are worried that a repair request or complaint could land them on the blacklisted tenancy database, while 14 per cent decide not to risk speaking up.

For those who were lucky enough to hear back from their landlords, almost a quarter of those surveyed waited more than a week for a response, and 11 per cent copped a rent hike afterward.

So how do you compare to other renters?

  • 83 per cent have no fixed-term lease or it's less a than 12-months long
  • 53 per cent of renters pay between $201 and $400/wk
  • Almost half of renters in metro areas pay more than $301/wk
  • The median rent price is Sydney and Melbourne is $480/wk
  • 21 per cent wait at least a week to hear back about urgent repairs
  • 11 per cent had a rent hike after asking for repairs
  • 14 per cent are too scared to complain about something or ask for repairs
  • Half feel they're discriminated against in rental applications.

   (Source: Unsettled: Life in Australia's private rental market)

The report calls for a national plan to boost housing supply, particularly affordable housing, and address renter's security, rights and amenity.