Those Terminally ill Over 25 Could Decide When To Die

NSW looking into it

Those Terminally ill Over 25 Could Decide When To Die

Draft legislation which would allow the terminally ill aged over 25 the right to legally end their lives, is being released in New South Wales.

The draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill would allow patients with reasonable medical judgment and who expect to die within 12 months as well as suffering extreme pain, or physical disabilities to be allowed to choose euthanasia.

There would be a number of safeguards in place, and to qualify the patient needs to be under the care of 2 doctors, and be accessed by a psychiatrist, there would also be a 48 hour cooling off period and close relatives would be able to challenge the decision in the Supreme Court. While the patient would be able to rescind the request at any time.

A cross-party working group of NSW MPs will release the draft bill for public consultation, and expect to introduce it to parliament in August.

The working group, including Liberal MP Lee Evans, Nationals MLC Trevor Khan, Labor MLC Lynda Voltz, Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi and independent MP Alex Greenwich, have spent two years consulting about the bill.

"People with a terminal illness, in the 12 months of their life can go through what is completely unnecessary pain and suffering, this bill seeks to offer a compassionate approach to that and with the appropriate safeguards" Mr Greenwich said.

"We have consulted wide and far on a number of aspects on this bill, looked at legislation around the world and consulted with colleagues and stakeholders, so when it comes to the age or indeed all the safeguards we're hopeful these strong safeguards will help it pass the parliament" he said.

A petition seeking support from NSW MPs for assisted dying laws has received the signatures of more than 51,000 people.