Tiger Kills Zookeeper At UK Zoo

'Freak Accident...'

Tiger Kills Zookeeper At UK Zoo

A horrible story coming out of England this morning where a female zookeeper's been attacked by a tiger at an animal park north of London.

Police say it happened when the tiger entered an enclosure where she'd been working.

Witnesses say they heard screams as fellow keepers tried to distract the tiger with pieces of meat.

Pete Davis was visiting with his family when the drama unfolded.

"It was a case of total panic. There were keepers rushing about throwing about buckets of meat to try and get the tigers under control." he said.

"They ushered us away to another building where they made us stay for around 10 minutes but you could see the keepers with their heads in their hands."

"People were really scared, they asked us to leave straight after that and closed the park."


A statement released by Hamerton Park Zoo in Cambridgeshire says staff are too upset to talk after the "freak accident."

"Our thoughts and sympathies are with our colleagues, friends and families at this dreadful time."

A popular family destination, the zoo has a number of other wild cats including cheetahs, along with lynxes, servals and wolves.