Two Quick Ways To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Cyber Attacks & Hacks

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Two Quick Ways To Protect Your Mobile Phone From Cyber Attacks & Hacks

International cyber experts believe the spread of the global 'WannaCry' cyber attack is slowing, but Australia is still feeling the impact - 

The latest update from the Cyber Security minister Dan Tehan is that at least a dozen Australian companies have fallen victim to the ransomware infection, which has been detected in more than 300,000 computers across 150+ countries. The program locks users out of their computers until they make a payment. 

Today, the focus turns to the security of our mobile phones. 

PayPal's latest trend report has revealed two thirds of Australians admit they could do more when it comes to mobile phone security.

Already, 40% of Australians admit they've suffered some kind of mobile security breach.

We spoke to tech expert Trevor Long about how to protect ourselves from potential attacks via our handheld device.  

"You should be worried about yout digital personal data everywhere, whether it's a phone, a tablet, a computer. They're all likely targets for any form of attack."

"Losing personal information and potentially having your identity stolen is a real risk and you need to consider those risks before you decide not to have security software on your phone" 

"This cost.. whether it's $50 or $100.. is an investment in your personal security."

Trevor says iPhones are significantly safer than their Android cousins (and, yes, we checked.. Trevor owns an iPhone!) -

"It is ridiculously safe to use the App Store, because every single app gets vetted by Apple, but with Android phones it is quite possible they're far more malicious and they could have tracking data on them or be designed to get data from your phone"

For Android owners, he says the advice is similar to what's dished out to laptop and computer owners - 


Trevor says that's the reason the majority of victims have been hit by the global cyber attack. 

"If Windows issues a security patch or any form of patch, make sure you install it"


Trevor says the same companies which provide internet security have offers for mobile phone protection - "there's four big companies - Kaspersky, Norton, Trend Micro and McAffy. Any of those companies will give you good protection"

"You wouldn't drive a car without insurance, so you shouldn't have technology without protection" 

On top of that, he says a secure password is essential: 

"If you don't have a pin code on your phone, that's the first problem because it means anyone can pick up your phone and access your data. If your phone has a fingerprint reader, though, it is the best form of security. It means if you lose your phone, it's locked down and it doesn't matter who has your phone because they can't get into it"