Whitsundays Crew ‘All Ok’ After A Whale Landed On Their Boat

'It could of been so much worse'

Whitsundays Crew ‘All Ok’ After A Whale Landed On Their Boat

Image: A-One Fishing Charters


The crew of a Whitsundays charter fishing boat have reassured customers and friends they’re “all ok” after a very close-call with a Humpback whale.

The six-strong crew from A-One Fishing Charters were heading back to shore on Saturday afternoon when the whale struck their 8.5-metre aluminum vessel, knocking two men unconscious and sending others flying into the air.

Yet despite some broken bones in the mix, the crew have taken to Facebook this afternoon to thank everyone for their well wishes.

“We are all ok! It could of been so much worse, everybody worked together to make the situation better and get the boat back to shore,” they wrote.

“We have made some really close friends because of what has happened. We all caught up for dinner last night and enjoyed the fish we caught.

“Thanks for all the well wishes and messages of support. Thanks from A-one Extreme Whale Watching! Lol!”


Among the injuries, the boat’s captain Oliver Galea suffered a nasty gash to his head in the “one in a million” incident, sharing images on social media.

"He's [the whale] come up — or she — and she's thrown the boat up in the air with a bit of a twist and dislodged everyone off their feet within half a second," he said.

"Nobody hears of it — it's not something that happens commonly — it's just one-off, one in a million."