Woolies Defend Their Delicious Special Persons' Day Mud Cake

Fathers left divided on social media

Woolies Defend Their Delicious Special Persons' Day Mud Cake Image: Facebook/Seven News

Woolworths has responded to fierce customer debate after the supermarket chain stocked an iced mud cake on Father’s Day that read “Special Person’s Day”.

After a Queensland dad shared an image of the cake to Facebook on Sunday, scores of customers have since accused the supermarket chain of “disrespecting” and “disappointing” Australian fathers.

“Please keep Father’s Day to celebrate Dads, and don’t disappoint Australia with your political ‘special person’ cakes,” wrote one commentator.

Another said: “If you want to support a ‘Special Persons Day’, do it on any other day! So disappointed that you would make this divisive political statement.”

Others however have praised the “inclusive” decision of Woolies.

“Thank you for including the minority on a day that probably shouldn't exist anyway. Mother's day and Father's day shouldn't be a thing anyway. Why pick one day to appreciate them and make it all about them? It should be like that all the time! I will continue to shop in your stores,” wrote one.

Another said: “Life isn't black and white and not everyone has both parents with them for whatever reason. I'm sure for these people days like Mothers and Father's Day can be tough. Good work for providing choice.”


A Woolworths spokesman told Triple M that while the supermarket was reviewing customer comments online, a range of cakes did in fact include “Happy Father’s Day” as an option.

“We’re currently looking into this display with our store teams,” they said.

“We want to reassure you that we’re helping all customers across Australia celebrate Father’s Day as seen from our store displays, products and recipe ideas.

“Cropped out of this image are a range of decorative cakes that have different messages on them, including ‘Dad’ and ‘Happy Father’s Day’.”