You May Need To Start Getting Weighed At The Airport

But it’s not for what you think

You May Need To Start Getting Weighed At The Airport Image: Finnair/Facebook

European airline Finnair has revealed plans weigh passengers prior to take-off – but it’s got nothing to do with ticket prices.

Instead, Finnair’s communications director Päivyt Tallqvist told The Sun it was an exercise in slashing operating costs – given passenger weight can often fluctuate, particular from summer to winter.

"Finnair is conducting a study to determine whether we have accurate data on passenger standard weights,” she said.

"We want to ensure we have the best possible data in use in aircraft performance and loading calculations."

They added: "The weighing is purely voluntary and anonymous, and only the customer service agent sees the weighing result.

Finnair has previous used European Aviation Safety Agency estimates to calculate weight – figures that were made some eight years ago.

The initiative will kick off by weighing 180 passengers across 48 hours, with a possible extension into spring with around 2,000 passengers to be weighed in total throughout the trial.