Cash Delivery for Newcastle Post Office

$150,000 for iconic site

Cash Delivery for Newcastle Post Office

The NSW Government shelling out $150,000 to keep Newcastle's historic Post Office building standing.

The cash will be used to stabilise the site and has been allocated to the Awabakal Aboriginal Land Council under the state government's Heritage Grants Program.

"This money will just maintain it for now until it reaches its next stage," said Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, Scot MacDonald.

However he admits the government can't just keep giving out money to keep the dilapidated site from deteriorating further.

The CEO of the Awabakal Land Council says they've received a number of suggestions about the site's future use including retail or accommodation, but they're powerless to actually make any decisions until they know more about the structure.

"Because of the condition it's in we can't go in and do any inspections," said a frustrated Robert Russell. "Until we get a good look inside we don't know if we'll be able to do anything with it."