Cattle-prod, Condoms, Knives Among Contraband Seized At Cessnock Jail

One woman hid contraband in her pants

Cattle-prod, Condoms, Knives Among Contraband Seized At Cessnock Jail

Corrective Services officers have stopped a large amount of contraband from being smuggled into Cessnock Prison.

Tobacco, alcohol, ice and even a cattle-prod were confiscated from visitors during an operation last Sunday.

“Any contraband that enters the prison environment presents a major risk to the health, safety and security of staff and inmates," Assistant Commissioner Mark Wilson said.

“Visitors caught bringing banned items to correctional centres face penalties of up to two years' imprisonment.

“They could also face additional drug-related criminal charges and another penalty is a ban on visits of up to two years.

"Visitors can be guaranteed specialist search teams are a regular presence at correctional centres and we’ll continue to show absolutely no tolerance for contraband."

Here's a list of some of the illegal items seized:

  • 545gm of tobacco;
  • Six syringes;
  • One butterfly knife;
  • One throwing knife;
  • Two ice-smoking pipes;
  • 55gm of ice;
  • One pick handle; and
  • One cattle prod.

Corrective Services says the items were found hidden in green and yellow balloons and stuffed down a woman’s pants, concealed in a glove box and handbag, and hidden behind a skip bin.