"He Saved Our Family": Hunter Hero Honoured

Bravery awards have been handed out..

"He Saved Our Family": Hunter Hero Honoured

A Garden Suburb man who lost his life saving his son at a beach on the mid north coast has received a posthumous bravery award for his heroism.

Stephen Dick rescued his 13-year-old son Jacque from drowning after the boy became caught in a rip at Boomerang Beach near Forster in April 2016.

While he fortunately saved his son, the 53-year-old struggled in the surf and was tragically unable to be revived.

For his actions, Mr Dick has been awarded a Commendation for Brave Conduct as part of bravery awards announced by the Governor General.

He'll also receive a posthumous honour from the New South Wales Police later this year.

Mr Dick's wife, Dr Marianne Bonnay says the family is incredibly proud of her husband's sacrifice and the awards are a welcome tribute for her and her sons.

"We are all very proud and we are all grateful to Stephen for what he did. He saved our family," she said.

"He died like a hero and it's something the children will remember. It's important for them to remember his act of bravery and courage."

Several other Hunter men have also been recognised for their acts of bravery.

Andrew Cochran of Medowie has been been awarded a Star of Courage, Australia's second highest bravery honour, for rescuing two people from a burning vehicle at Mona Vale in October 2013.

When a petrol tanker lost control along Mona Vale Road and burst into flames after colliding with other vehicles, Mr Cochran rushed to help passengers trapped in a car that was also alight.

Corporal Mark Lamb, Stephen Lamb and Gregory Lewis have been given a Commendation for Brave Conduct for apprehending a man armed with a loaded spear gun at Belmont in 2015.