Idiot Copper Thieves Cut Down Live Power Lines In Toronto

Someone could've been killed.

Idiot Copper Thieves Cut Down Live Power Lines In Toronto
Photos - Ausgrid

It's a miracle no one was killed after would-be copper thieves tried to cut down a live power line in the Toronto area.

Thieves used bolt cutters in an attempt to steal around 150m of cabling yesterday morning near Awaba Road - despite the line being charged with 11,000 volts.

Cable-cutters were still attached to some of the damaged power lines, and bolt-cutters were also found near piles of coiled line. 

The theft also knocked the power out to around 770 homes in Carey Bay, Kilaben Bay and Toronto until Ausgrid crews restored the power at around 7:30am.

Chief Operating Officer Trevor Armstrong says it's a miracle things didn't end in serious injury or worse.

"The people behind this not only put their own lives at risk they also endangered the public as well."

"This could have ended tragically for the alleged thieves and we were very fortunate that no-one was injured, no amount of copper is worth your life ."

Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area off Awaba Road in Toronto near Ausgrid’s Toronto West zone substation in the early hours of yesterday morning are urged to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.