"Leave Your Car At Home": Supercars Organisers

Fans are urged to catch public transport

Nearly 400 extra bus and train services will be put on to get Supercars fans to and from the Newcastle 500, now just over three weeks away.

Tickets to the event will include free travel on public transport, with fans urged to catch a train to the Newcastle Interchange and then get a bus or walk to the East End.

Two ferries will be operating non-stop from Stockton to Queen's Wharf

There'll be a park and ride facility at McDonald Jones Stadium with shuttle buses running to Honeysuckle.

Organisers are pleading with fans to leave their cars at home.

"A lot of work has gone into making sure bus and train systems are integrated and there wont be much waiting," Revitalising Newcastle program director Michael Cassel said.

"Car will not be your best option to get in and out of the city." 

To see details on the bus routes click HERE.