Newcastle To Get First Cruise Ship Visit For 2017

The Silver Whisper arrives on Saturday

Newcastle To Get First Cruise Ship Visit For 2017

Newcastle is about to get its first cruise ship visit for 2017.

Luxury liner The Silver Whisper is due to arrive in the harbour at noon on Saturday.

The 190m long vessel carries 382 passengers and is making its fourth visit to the city since its maiden call in 2008.

“This is certainly an exciting time for the port and the Hunter region’s tourism industry. Over the next 18 months we will welcome 18 cruise ships, install new mooring bollards to host bigger ships, and build a cruise terminal,” said Geoff Crowe, Port of Newcastle CEO.

“We are thrilled to welcome six return visit cruise ships this year, while we move ahead with infrastructure upgrades that will position the port for future opportunities for the Hunter region."

The Silver Whisper is part of the luxury cruise line Silversea. It boasts the "amenities of a grand resort and the "charms of a stylish boutique hotel."

The Owner's Suite

One of the restaurants

The pool deck 

The observation deck