Newcastle Woman Admits To Starving Horse, Avoids Jail

It's her second offence

Newcastle Woman Admits To Starving Horse, Avoids Jail

STARVING: Milly's owner told the court she hadn't been feeding her properly

A Hamilton South woman has been handed a three month suspended jail sentence after she pleaded guilty to animal cruelty for a second time.

RSPCA inspectors seized horse Milly, who was starved to the point of emaciation, from the 35-year-old, who admitted to failing to provide food in Newcastle court. The animal was crammed into the backyard of her unit.

She was handed the suspended sentence, a $4,578.51 fine and is banned from owning an animal for two years.

It's not the first time Milly has been picked up by inspectors. Her owner was convicted of not providing veterinary treatment to her animal after she suffered a leg injury in February 2015.

Milly was returned to her owner despite objections from the RSPCA, who have now taken custody of the bay mare.

They say she's being fed well and is doing much better.