PHOTOS: Ford Falcon Salvaged From Swansea Channel

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PHOTOS: Ford Falcon Salvaged From Swansea Channel

The driver who incredibly escaped her Ford Falcon as it sunk to the bottom of Swansea Channel has watched police salvage the waterlogged car.

Police divers arrived at 10am on Friday, using two large airbags to refloat it during the three hour operation.

Water police then towed the vehicle to the Blacksmiths boat ramp where it was winched onto shore.

An emotional Deb Moroney fought back tears as she told KOFM the ordeal is only just starting to sink in.

"It makes it very real," she said. "It was a bit surreal until now. Everyone keeps saying how amazing it was, but I just did what I had to."

The Falcon ploughed through a fence on Swansea Bridge and into the water on Wednesday evening.

Incredibly, the quick thinking 40-year-old managed to roll down the window and swim to shore before the vehicle was inundated with water. She escaped uninjured.

"There's been recent instances where vehicles have gone into water and haven't been so lucky," said Inspector Steve Gallagher. "This lady's very lucky to have come out alive."