Starving Dog Dumped At Hunter Pound

'Hugo' was discovered on Friday

Starving Dog Dumped At Hunter Pound

The RSPCA is investigating a starving dog dumped at its Muswellbrook pound.

'Hugo' was rushed to the vet last Friday after he was discovered in a severely emaciated state with his rib cage clearly visible.

He remains in care, but fortunately will make a full recovery.

Inspector Russell Jarman is now calling on the public to help them figure out more about the dog.

β€œHe has no form of identification, however someone in the Muswellbrook area must have some information or recognise this dog.”

β€œI would also ask that if someone did find this dog as a stray, that they please come forward to advise where and when the dog was found to assist with our enquiries.”

Animal cruelty offences carry a maximum five-year jail sentence and a $22,000 fine.

Images: RSPCA