Man Punched In Late Night Street Robbery

He had his backpack stolen..

Man Punched In Late Night Street Robbery

A man's been the victim of a late night street robbery in Mayfield East.

The 23 year old had just hopped off a bus in Maitland Road just before 12:30am this morning when he was followed by three men.

One of the men approached him in O'Mara Street and demanded his wallet.

The victim said he didn't have one and was instead forced to hand over his backpack, containing money and other personal items.

The suspect punched the man in the face and fled with the bag along with the other two men.

They were last seen running down Ingall Street.

Police say the main suspect is of African-appearance, aged between 18-20 years old with black curly hair. He was wearing a black shirt and a necklace.

The second man was described as having a large build and partly-dyed blond hair. The third man had a slim build and was wearing a red and blue jacket.