Bowel The Kids Over At The HMRI Open Day

It's free and fun for the kids!

Bowel The Kids Over At The HMRI Open Day

Here's one to bowel the kids over during the school holidays.

The HMRI Open Day kicks off at the John Hunter Hospital today and one of the big draw cards is the 'Poo Room'.

It's a fun, family-friendly event which explains how 'what goes in effects what goes out'.

There's also a 'Womb Room,' which explores the nine month journey of a baby from embryo to birth.

While researchers will also hold a talk on whether zombies are possible, there's interactive science lessons and invention labs for all ages, and there's a heap of shows involving lazers, chemistry experiments and robots.

HMRI Open Day is free and there's free transport running to and from the event.

Check out all the details right here