The Hunter's Summer Weather Forecast

Will it be wet or dry?

The Hunter's Summer Weather Forecast

Buckle up for a fairly humid summer this year.

Forecasters say the Hunter can expect warm and wet conditions over the next three months.

Coastal suburbs are expected to receive around 290mm of rain, which is above average.

Inland parts of the Hunter are looking at 230mm.

"Rainfall will be more than we have seen in previous summers," Weatherzone's Kim Westcott said.

"We are looking at humid conditions although not so hot. This is more towards the wetter La Nina-like rainfall conditions we can expect this summer.

"The rain won't be torrential but it certainly will hold back a lot of the heat we could see further inland."

Meantime the Hunter's dam levels are lower than they've been at the start of summer in recent years, with total storage currently at 82 per cent.

Grahamstown Dam, the Hunter's largest, is 86 per cent full while Chichester Dam near Dungog is at 59 per cent.

"It's been a dry winter which has seen our storage levels drop since about June, despite the recent rain," Hunter Water spokesperson Keiran Smith said.

Grahamstown Dam, which is currently 86 per cent full.