11 Things To Do Indoors This Winter School Holidays

Raining all week in #Perth

11 Things To Do Indoors This Winter School Holidays

The news is not good for those #Perth parents and babysitters stuck with a house full of kids on school holidays this week.

Frankly, the prediction is for a rainy week here in Perth. On pretty much every bloody day.


Last week we suggested 11 things to do this school holidays. This week, after seeing the weather prediction, we give you 11 things to do INDOORS this week.

And the beautiful thing is, a lot of our suggestions are gloriously old school. Meaning that you might get a trip down memory lane as well.

1. Go Rollerskating

#Perth used to have a lot more rollerskating rinks around, and sadly, many of them are long gone, but there are still a few around that will take you back.




2. Timezone

Video gaming might be the domain of the home console now, but there's still something really fun about meeting up with mates and doing it old school at an arcade.

An old school arcade called Timezone.


3. Indoor Swimming

Yep, it's friggin' freezing outside, but there's a whole bunch of indoor swimming pools with fun things for the kids to do.

What's more, think of how all that activity will tire the little darlings out. Winning!


4. Go Out For Lunch

Obviously, there's a million choices here in Perth. but for something suitable old school, why not something like Sizzler? Okay, it's arguably overpriced (and probably overrated), but, how can you forget the excitement of a self serve, all you can eat soft serve machine?



5. Hit The Museum

The main museum as we know it might now be closed as they build a fabulous new one (due in 2020), but the WA Maritime Museum in Freo is hosting an exhibition called Voyage To The Deep. Looks awesome!


6. Scitech

It's been around for years and it continues to keep kids entertained and more importantly, educated.

They'll never suspect a thing...


7. Ten Pin Bowling

Another old school activity that is actually a lot of fun! The bumper option means that any kids can make a decent score, and you can choose to keep them up for your turn as well ;)




8. Going Down To The Shops

Yep, that old chestnut. All the major shopping centres are doing something for school holidays, so they want you to take your kids there.

And, if all else fails... you have IKEA... ball pit!!!!



9. Get Your Bounce On

If you haven't seen it yet, Bounce INC is trampoline heaven... right there in Cannington.

Totally indoors, totally radical and another activity sure to tire the kids out. Yasss!!!!




10. AQWA

Nothing like an indoor aquarium to get the kids excited.

What's more, it's Shark Month



11. Indoor Playgrounds

When all else fails...






Written by: @dantheinternut


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