5 Perfect Fringe World Shows For A Valentine's Date

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5 Perfect Fringe World Shows For A Valentine's Date

All pics: Fringe World Website

It’s another Valentine’s Day and if you were looking for something a little different to do with your love tomorrow, you could do a lot worse than taking him/her to Fringe World.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with five of the best Fringe World shows to take your special someone to. Based on what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard.

1. Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Serving Suggestions

We’ve seen this guy in action and he’s awesome. Hypnotism at its finest. And hey, your special friend might get called up, giving you the opportunity to see how they REALLY feel.

2. Dave Callan: A Little Less Conversation 3

Dave Callan is hilarious anyways, so you’re guaranteed a laugh to break the tension. But, there’s a twist in this show when Dave cranks out the dance moves. His Beyonce has to be seen to be believed.

3. Dome Date Night

If you want a bit more interaction and intellectual in your Valentine’s date, this could be a go. It’s you, your lover, and the Scitech Planetarium. Oh, and a beautiful night sky, how romantic.

4. Elixir

Hotties doing acrobatics. Death defying tricks to get the blood racing, sounds good to us.

5. Baby Got Back (ALL GIRL SHOW)

If their show poster isn’t enough to give a good hint, how’s their very own description. “A show of flesh, sex, profanity & comedy chaos. All new. All girl. ALL ASS.”

5. Briefs (ALL BOY SHOW)

This… this looks like fun!

“An all male, sharp shooting cabaret of burlesque with balls, high flying circus bandits and savage gender offenders!”


Ah, Valentine's Day truly sucks if you're single. Thankfully, Fringe World have thought of everything, right? Check this one out.

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