Bali Bound Travelers Told To Lock-in Insurance

Rumbling volcano poses flight risk

Bali Bound Travelers Told To Lock-in Insurance

For holiday-makers looking for an escape from Perth's rainy start to the school break, Bali is an attractive alternative.

But there is a warning for anyone heading to the holiday island in the coming weeks.

There has been an increase in seismic activity at Mount Agung, sparking fears the volcano could erupt.

The volcano has been rumbling since August but recently, the ground has begun to shake and officials have banned anyone from getting within five miles of it's summit.

If it does erupt, the volcano could send up a large ash cloud which will have the potential to impact flights.

Consumer Protection is telling travellers to to check the terms and conditions of their tickets in the event of flight suspensions or cancellations, and to take out travel insurance policies that will cover them if the situation occurs.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said while most airlines will endeavour to re-schedule their passengers during these events, they may not necessarily offer refunds for circumstances outside of their control or if the passenger decides to travel on another airline.

"Check that your policy will cover costs related to booking alternative flights if required as well as additional accommodation should there be a lengthy delay.

"Make sure you keep all receipts related to these extra costs for your claim," Mr Hillyard said.