Could This Change Bring The UFC To Town?

Cage fighting laws are set to change

Could This Change Bring The UFC To Town?

A ban on the use of a "cage" in mixed martial arts fights is set to be lifted in WA, in a move which could bring the UFC to Perth.

The state government wants to honour its pre-election commitment to lift the ban on the use of the cage, otherwise known as an Octagon, in the name of fighter safety.

"A lot of people out there like it, a lot of people don't like it; it's one of those issues where we just want to make it safe." said Premier Mark McGowan.

The ban was put in place by the previous state government in 2013, forcing MMA fights to be held in modified boxing rings, something critics said ran the risk of fighters falling through the ropes.

WA is the last place where MMA fights are legal but the use of a cage isn't.

Written by: @conradical89