Fire Safety Warning Ahead Of Winter

Here's what you can do to prepare

Fire Safety Warning Ahead Of Winter

We're on the cusp of winter and as we try to stay warm, fire authorities are warning us to be extra vigilant in order to avoid catastrophe.

Now you might think you're all set, but last year firefighters responded to 223 accidental blazes across Western Australia.

Tragically, four people were killed and another 28 were injured.

“Fire can engulf your home in a matter of minutes, putting you, your family and your pets in grave danger,” DFES Officer Andy Duckworth said.

So if you're wondering what you can do, here are a few simple, common sense precautions you can take:

  •  Don't leave cooking or candles unattended.
  •  Keep items at least one metre away from heaters.
  •  Don't cover your heaters with things like washing.
  •  Clean the lint filter in your dryer.
  •  Check smoke alarms.
  •  Have a fire escape plan in place.

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Written by: @conradical89