Hey Jerry - Here's 10 Must Do Perth Seinfeld Things To Check Out

He's In Town This Weekend

Hey Jerry - Here's 10 Must Do Perth Seinfeld Things To Check Out

There's a whole bunch of Seinfeld fans absolutely frothing at the thought of welcoming THE Jerry Seinfeld to our humble little city on Friday night.

So much excitement!



So, we've got a little creative in celebration and come up with 10 things Jerry needs to check out in Perth when he stays here.

The catch? They all have to be related to something in the show.

So, without further ado, here you go Jerry. Check these out.

Best Soup In Perth

Related To: The Soup Nazi

We know how much Jerry loved the soup, so much so that he chose it over his girlfriend in the show.

So, with that type of dedication to soup, we reckon you can't go past the famous Pea and Ham soup at Alfred's Kitchen.

AND, it comes with bread. If you ask for it. Don't worry George, there will be no repercussions.


Best Cookies In Perth

Related To: The Dinner Party

We're hearing lots of buzz about this little cookie store in Freo that's only opened on Sundays... if Jerry's still around on Sunday, he might want to pop down to Get Chunky for some NYC inspired freshly baked cookie goodness.

Hey, they might even have one of these?

Even if they don't, what can we say? NEW YORK COOKIES!


Best Massage

Related To: The Masseuse

It's probably going to get stressful playing to a packed house of adoring fans on Friday night, so Jerry might need to wind down. There's a heap of day spas on offer here in #Perth, but we've always loved Keturah's work. Jerry can pop over to Highgate and get pampered... no medical certificate from a dentist required ;)

After all, Jerry tried so hard to get a massage on the show. It's about time he got one.


Best Barber

Related To: The Barber

Who can forgot Jerry's haircut in that episode?

Lucky for you Jerry, Uncle Enzo is nowhere to be seen in Perth. What we do have are a sh*tload of brilliant barbers in and around town.

We couldn't go past Dr Snippy's Barber Lounge in Subiaco though... not only do you get a fresh cut, you also get a free beer with every hair cut or throat shave AND you get unlimited plays on their arcade machine once done.

So, Jerry, you might get a go at Frogger.


Best Sneaker Shop

Related To: Jerry's Fashion Sense

Yes, it was the '90s and it was a 'thing' to wear sneakers with your jeans, but Cabinet Noir in Shafto Lane is just a stone's thrown from the Arena and they carry a heap of awesome footwear.

Check out these bad boys.



Best Suede Jacket

Related To: The Jacket

You know... Suede Jackets...

We'll be honest Jerry... suede jackets are pretty hard to find here in #Perth at the moment, but after some extensive searching we found this. At Gazman.

You're welcome!

Best Coffee

Related To: Monks

There's one thing that Jerry did a LOT of during his nine seasons, and that was drink coffee at Monks.

So, we put it to Facebook to find out where #Perth's best coffee is, and we had a RESOUNDING response on Facebook.

So, Jerry, we'll leave it to you to traipse through the comments.


Best Chinese Restaurant

Related To: The Chinese Restaurant

We know NYC is a busy place, so you won't be expected to wait a whole 30 minutes for a table at any of #Perth's finest.

Unless you head to Canton Bay in Northbridge. You'll probably be lining up but don't worry, it's worth the wait.

Of course, if you're looking for something after the gig on Friday night, Low Key Chow House is a bloody ripper!

Best Place To Catch A Game

Related To: The Face Painter

Jerry's picked the wrong weekend to catch an AFL game for a few reasons.

  1. The local game is Freo v Gold Coast, a dead rubber in the race for the finals
  2. The local game is at Domain Stadium, which is dying a slow death in the lead-up to the big move to the new stadium. Not exactly the best example of a world class stadium.

But, we're sure there'll be some Dockers members who are keen Seinfeld fans that wouldn't mind Jerry tagging along. You'll just have to prove that you're up for supporting the team.

Best Frozen Yoghurt

Related To: The Non-Fat Yogurt

Any Seinfeld fan will tell you that the Frozen Yoghurt thing didn't work out well... for anyone.

Fortunately, things have progressed in the 'non-fat yoghurt' stakes. Now, they're bloody delicious! Just check this out.



Jerry Seinfeld plays Friday night at Perth Arena. It's pretty safe to say we can not bloody wait!


Written by: @dantheinternut


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