Man Turns To Crowd Funding To Fight Cubby House Council Stoush

Fighting the fight

Man Turns To Crowd Funding To Fight Cubby House Council Stoush

A Perth dad has created a Go-Fund me page to help fund a battle to keep a cubby house he lovingly created for one of his daughters standing.

The page has already reached 75% of its $1000 target.

The man, Warren Sturrock, has made the news because a complaint from a neighbour lead to a council inspection from the City of Wanneroo. According to reports, because the cubby house stands 60cm taller than council regulations allow, it will need to go through the normal council approval processes or face possible demolition.

Mr Sturrock’s post from the page reads as so:

We built this awesome cubby for one of our daughters as all she wanted for Christmas was a Pirate Cubby house. We sourced recycled timbers as we couldn't afford to buy a new one. After organising family and friends to help make this happen, our girls dream came true! But unfortunately it was short lived as our very nosey neighbours decided to dob us into the local council and not even having the decency to come speak to us first even though we've never had a problem in 4 years living next door to each other.. As we have now found out our Cubby is 60cm too high for council regulations. Sounds like an easy fix but in actual fact it is going to be quite a task. So we have decided just because our neighbours don't like the look of our Cubby, we are going to fight to keep this the way it was built. In order for this to happen we have to pay for a new building permit, get it signed off by a building engineer ( which will easily pass ) and get scale drawings made up. We have been given a 28 day period to achieve this but unfortunately don't have the funds to do this on our own. So if anybody out there could help in any way to keep our kids dream alive, a donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Would be heartbreaking to let these neighbours ruin our kids dream as they have no real reason to complain about our children having fun! Thank you.