Mark Hamill's Opinion On Aussies Is Spot Bloody On

He spoke to us at the Star Wars premiere

Mark Hamill's Opinion On Aussies Is Spot Bloody On

The long-awaited eighth instalment of the Star Wars series will hit Australian cinemas next week but we caught up with Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, a few days early at the Tokyo premiere.

Turns out he’s a massive fan of all things Australia; we knew we liked him for a reason.

“They are hilarious. They have a self-deprecatory humour that I really love,” Hamill enthused. “It’s almost like they’re English people without the pretention.”

The legendary actor also spoke about the first time he was recognized in Australia, explaining that he was flying under the radar until an appearance on Aussie TV.

“I was on a talk show, The Don Lane Show, and overnight everybody had seen that talk show,” Hamill recalled in our Australian radio exclusive. “Wednesday, nobody knew me. Thursday I go down the street and I’m mobbed.

“I love Australia. I would love to go there and stay there more than a week or two.”

Listen to more of our chat with Mark Hamill below.