Perth Cafe Selling Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

Get in... my belly...

Perth Cafe Selling Yorkshire Pudding Wraps Pixabay

Breaking news out of Joondalup… there’s now a cafe selling wraps that are made from Yorkshire puddings.

Not even joking.

The Joondalup Caffissimo cafe, located on Injune Way, are reportedly serving up Yorkshire pudding wraps filled with roast beef, vegetables and gravy, as part of a new British inspired menu.

And, reportedly, many ex-pat Brits around the northern suburbs are going cray for them.

If beef ain’t your thing, there are other options on offer as well that also feature the pudding wrap, including a Yorkshire pudding filled with pork and vegetables, a Veggie Yorkie, a Yorkie pizza (the pudding acts as a pizza base), and a Yorkie Butty, that is, chips wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding with mushy peas and tomato sauce.

Getting hungry just thinking about it.

Maybe our Matt, from Clairsy, Matt and Kymba, needs to amend his song about Joondalup?


Written by: @dantheinternut