Perth Mum's Crowdfunding Push To Make A Massive Difference

Riding The Elderly

Perth Mum's Crowdfunding Push To Make A Massive Difference Cycling Without Age - Perth

A Perth Mum has started a crowdfunding campaign to help make a major difference to the lives of our elderly and lesser-abled.

Inspired by a similar initiative in the UK, Alanagh Tolley Godderidge has created a Go Fund Me page that will hopefully raise enough money for her to buy a specially designed 'trishaw', a three wheeled bike that comfortably seats two adults at the front.

On her Go Fund Me page, Alanagh has said that if she reaches her funding, she will offer free bike rides along the wide cycle paths of West Coast Drive, from Sorrento north towards Mullaloo.

The reason? We think Alanagh sums it up perfectly.

What better way to explore the beautiful Perth coastline, and get seniors to reconnect with nature and the community.

- Alanagh Tolley Godderidge

On her Go Fund Me page, Alanagh is also open to business sponsorship and promotions in return for funding assistance.

At the time of writing, Alanagh has reached 5% of her goal in just 3 days. It's hoped that with a bit of #Perth's famous community spirit, we could help Alanagh reach her goal sooner rather than later and hopefully get to see Alanagh riding up and down the beautiful coastline of Perth's northern suburbs as a regular fixture.

We'll endeavour to keep you updated of Alanagh's journey towards making a real difference to the health and well-being of our elderly and lesser abled members of society.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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