Potential Game Changer To Rival The NBN Here In Perth

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Potential Game Changer To Rival The NBN Here In Perth Pexels

It’s no secret that for many people in #Perth, the #NBN has been underwhelming, to say the very least.

Unreliable connections, worse than expected speeds, the full gamut of issues and problems have been reported.

And that’s only for the people in #Perth who have managed to actually connect to the NBN. There are still many pockets of the Perth metropolitan area who are still in the process of being connected, or are still months (in same cases years away) from connecting.

One Perth firm is now offering a service that might be a game changer for those who are either not connected yet, or are dissatisfied with their current NBN service.

Pentanet are spruiking their privately built 5Ghz Broadband Network, which they claim are capable of delivering “those next-gen speeds we’ve been waiting for.”

Indeed, according to their flyer, punters will be able to experience speeds up to 50Mbps, starting from $79.95 per month, which they suggest is twice as fast as a standard NBN plan.

It may prove to be a game changer in the face of an apparently failing NBN.


Written by: @dantheinternut