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Premier Colin Barnett Confirms Death Threats Received Ahead Of Polls

Barnett Gets Death Threats

Premier Colin Barnett Confirms Death Threats Received Ahead Of Polls

Premier Colin Barnett confirmed to Clairsy, Matt & Kymba this morning that he - along with other Liberal MPs - has received death threats ahead of tomorrow's WA state government elections.

The stunning revelation is the latest twist in a highly controversial and emotive election campaign.

WA Police have confirmed that they are investigating the threats, made in writing and mailed to MPs.

Speaking to Clairsy, Matt and Kymba on Mix94.5 this morning, Premier Barnett said "it has been an ugly end to the campaign" and that while he can handle the threats "for some of the newer Members of Parliament it's really very disturbing. They're upset and why wouldn't they be?"

"It's not the Australian way."

Opinion polls suggest that the Liberal-Nationals Coalition will lose power, with their decision to preference One Nation seen as a key reason for voters turning their back on the ruling government. 

One Nation themselves seem set to pick up record numbers of seats in WA, however the party has clearly polarised voters, leading to the threats against MPs and their families. 

A letter was shown to the ABC accusing upper house MP Peter Katsambanis of "stuffing up my family and my business through your party's behaviour..." going on to say "now every time you hear a bang or think someone is watching you, it will be us. Women, children, we will get them."