Some Legend Has Rated Most Of The Ice-Cream In #Perth

Best places revealed... check them out.

Some Legend Has Rated Most Of The Ice-Cream In #Perth

A #Perth ice-cream aficionado has taken one for the team and has taken the trouble to rate a bogload of ice-cream in and around Perth, from best to worst.

@MonkeyTravels Reddit post started originally some months back, and has now been updated with a a genius tiered rating system.

Check this out.


As you can see, spots within the tier system don't matter, so Pietro Gelato is as good as the Milk Barrel in this system, for example.

It hasn't exactly been ice-cream weather of late, which makes @MonkeyTravels' dedication to the craft that much more impressive.

And speaking of dedication, @MonkeyTravels has travelled the wide expanses of #Perth to find the best. Swan Valley, Freo, Hillarys, they're all covered.

#Perth ice-cream fans commend you @MonkeyTravels, on your dedication and commitment to finding Perth's best. We love it.

Almost as much as ice-cream.


Written by: @dantheinternut