WA Drivers Could Be In For More Demerit Point Pain

WA is the only state not to do this

WA Drivers Could Be In For More Demerit Point Pain

Image Source: WA Police

Low level speeders could soon get pinged with a demerit-point infringement under a plan currently being considered by the State Government.

WA is the only State which does not have demerit-point penalties for motorists travelling up to 9km/h over the limit and road safety advisers are looking into whether to change it.

The idea is not being met with huge enthusiasm at the top level of government.

"I'm not particularly attracted to this idea," Premier Mark McGowan said.

"I am far more focused on people who drive with drugs, alcohol, are fatigued or who drive at very high speeds over the limit."

Image Source: WA Police

The decision is out of the hands of WA Police, but they've welcomed dialogue on new ways to reduce speeding.

"Anything which gets people thinking about their speed is a debate that needs to happen, so we welcome the discussion at the very least." State Traffic Commander Scott Higgins said.

Written by: @conradical89