Where To Get Cheap Easter Fuel Today In Perth

Might pay to shop around...

Where To Get Cheap Easter Fuel Today In Perth

You know the drill. It’s Easter Thursday, and you’re no doubt heading away for the ultra long weekend.

Only problem is, usually, there’s a massive price hike by the petrol stations, meaning a few extra bucks from the budget going to fuel.

However, reports are suggesting that this year, the prices are fairly reasonable.

So, thanks to the Fuelwatch website, here’s the 3 cheapest destinations for petrol in all directions out of Perth.


  • Caltex Woolworths Greenwood: 112.8
  • Caltex Woolworths Mirrabooka: 112.8
  • Puma Madeley: 113.4


  • Puma Upper Swan: 113.4
  • 7-Eleven Middle Swan: 113.9
  • Chidlow Growers Mart: 119


  • Caltex Woolworths Maddington West: 112.8
  • Caltex Woolworths South Lake: 112.8
  • Puma Kewdale: 113.4

According to the Fuelwatch website, the metro average for today is 126.8. So, it could pay to shop around.

If you are driving, make sure to stay safe, and don’t forget, Double Demerits are in play.

Written by: @dantheinternut