Why More WA Councils Should Be Like The Shire Of Moora

Ex-government worker speaks

OPINION: By Dan The Internut

You’ve probably noticed in one of your many social media feeds, a story about a little local government that could.

The Shire of Moora, some two hours north of Perth, made a video showing how they lay a bitumen road, and the world loved it.

This screen grab, taken from their Facebook page, shows just how much love it’s getting. FOURTEEN MILLION VIEWS!!!!

If you watch the video, it’s not hard to see why. It defines clockwork precision.

However, there’s a bigger reason why it did so well, and it took the courage of the Shire of Moora to break convention and post it online.

The simple reason why it did so well is because it’s a cool thing to see, and it’s something we’ve probably all wondered how it was done.

Think about all the things our local governments do to make our day-to-day lives function. It's fair to say that many of us probably have a basic curiosity around many of the functions our local governments fulfil.

Take it from me, there’s many of WA’s local governments who wouldn’t dare take the “risk” of posting something like this online. Just the red tape and processes alone in getting it across the line can be a logistical nightmare.

How do I know? Right up front, I worked for a local government here in #Perth for almost two years, so I’ve seen the bureaucracy and red tape first hand. For two... long... years.

From my experience, many of our local governments are afraid of social media. Not so much about what goes up, but about what gets said about them as a result in the comments.

It seems the Shire of Moora, in spite of what might be said, put it out there, and the world loved it. 14 million times and counting.

There’s a lesson in that for all the local governments. Don’t be afraid to keep us informed.