Emergency caesarean at Altina

A fighter through and through!

Emergency caesarean at Altina Altina Wildlife Park

Altina Wildlife Park is incredibly proud to announce a very special birth! A birth like no other at Altina!

Our newly imported Maned Wolf and first time Mum, ‘Tepin’ all the way from Pueblo Zoo, in Colorado, went through the first stages of labour a while ago.

As the labour intensified with very little progress, the decision was made to call a Vet for assistance. "Tepin" was fully anaesthetised and an urgent but delicate caesarean was performed.

Soon after, a very special and oversized 401g boy was delivered: healthy, strong and breathing normally (average birth weight for a Maned wolf is 320gm).

The silver wolf caught the eye of keepers immediately, being such a strange colour, considering Maned wolf pups are usually born black.  So it was only fitting that he be named “Estano” meaning Pewter in Spanish.

Unfortunately when "Tepin" awoke, she did not show any interest in raising her son “Estano”. Due to the added importance of this unique bloodline it was essential to save this precious little puppy.

Hand rearing was a challenge to say the least, feeding every 2 hrs around the clock whilst recording weights and behavioural patterns daily, not to mention dealing with the distinctive “Skunk Wolf” smell that seemed to linger around on whatever or whomever he came into contact with!

Altina has cared for Maned wolves since 2008 (Maned Wolves are declared endangered by the Argentine Wildlife Board), and has the distinct privilege of housing the only breeding group of Maned Wolves in Australasia as well as maintaining the largest collection worldwide according to the Species 360 Worldwide Animal Registry.

Altina are now, not only part of the European Endangered species Program (EEP), the European Stud Book (ESB) and contribute information about Maned Wolves to the American Zoological Association (AZA), but also manage the Australasian Maned Wolf Stud Book on behalf of the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA)!

Altina's goal is to save the unusual long legged omnivore.