Barilaro Spruiks Energy Relief Package in Junee

Rebates, Incentives to Increase

Barilaro Spruiks Energy Relief Package in Junee

Energy retailers who impose unnecessary charges on their customers, such as fees for paper bills, and who don’t move rebate recipients to a better deal, could find themselves in hot water, under the State Government’s new energy relief package.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro was in Junee yesterday to announce a suite of changes.

The package will see a 20% increase in rebates, discounts on energy efficient appliances tipped to help small businesses save up to $1900 a year, and increases in the household rebates available bringing them up to $285 a year for concession card holders, and $180 per year for other eligible households.

There will also be energy saving upgrades for up to 16,500 public housing clients, aimed at helping the state’s most vulnerable save more on their energy bills.