Men Arrested and Charged Over Alleged Crime Spree

Incidents in the Riverina and across NSW

Two men wanted for a series of alleged robberies and other offences in the Riverina area have now been charged, after police nabbed them in Wollongong yesterday.

It's alleged they terrorised parts of Griffith, Cootamundra, Wagga and The Hume, one incident details a women being hit in the stomach with the end of a firearm during and aggravated break and enter in Yanco.

The 24 and 26 year old alleged offenders caught the attention of police after they failed to stop in the stolen vehicle they were tavelling in, eventually being caught after sparking a short pursuit on foot

Each of the men have been charged with 20 offences, including aggravated break enter and steal, police pursuit, robbery in company and assault.