Nangus to be Connected to Mains Water

Connected From Tenandra Reservoir

Nangus to be Connected to Mains Water

The village of Nangus will have mains water connected, as part of a joint project between the Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council and the Goldenfields Water County Council.

Almost $1.3 million dollars will be spent connecting the village with water from Tenandra Reservoir, which will need nearly 12 kilometres of PVC main pipe, and a break tank, to reduce pressure in the village, and also hold three days’ water supply in case of a break in the supply line.

The project has been welcomed by locals, with Proprietor of the Nangus General Store, Geoff Lemon saying he expects land values to rise, and the village to become more attractive for new residents.

Nangus Public School has been purchasing bottled water for students since a ban from using tank water was put in place for public schools, and Council has a list of 45 properties that have expressed interest in connecting to the new scheme once delivered.