Shooters Back Moving Inland Route Through Narrandera

Instead of Wagga, Albury

Shooters Back Moving Inland Route Through Narrandera

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party candidates for Murray and Cootamundra have joined together to back the plan flagged by Nationals candidate for Murray Austin Evans, for the proposed Brisbane to Melbourne inland rail link to be re-directed through Narrandera.

Matthew Stadtmiller and Helen Dalton say whether it involves passing the line through Narrandera in place of Albury, or constructing a new route altogether, they'll support it, saying a route via Narrandera would be shorter, with no bridges or tunnels.

Meantime, Mr Evans has responded, saying the Shooters are talking about something they have no power or ability to deliver themselves, and they're offering the electorate false hope.

Mr Evans also says the inland rail link will bring huge benefits to the region, dramatically reducing frieght costs for farmers, regardless of where it goes.