Keeping Safe At Skyworks

First Aid, lost children...

Keeping Safe At Skyworks

The City of Perth have put together a bunch of information with regards to staying safe this Australia Day at Skyworks.


There will be five Lost Child points within the 2018 City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks event areas, staffed by the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.

The Lost Child points will be located at Langley Park, Kings Park, South Perth foreshore and Supreme Court Gardens.

Parents can assist by taking note of the following:

  • Ensure your child knows or is in possession of a contact phone number. Parents can collect a Constable Care Safety Band from one of the five Lost Child points in advance, write their contact details on it and attach it to their child’s wrist.
  •  Take note of what your child is wearing, or take a photo on your mobile device in case it is needed.
  • Educate your children about staying together, what to do if they can’t find you and who to ask for help (such as a Police Officer, Security Guard or at a Lost Child Point) 


Please check in with the Lost Child point closest to you. If your child is not there, Constable Care Child Safety Foundation staff will contact the Police immediately to assist in locating your child.


Accompany the lost child to the nearest Lost Child point. Alternatively, a Police Officer or Security Guide will accompany children to the nearest Lost Child point.

If you are accompanying children to Skyworks 2018, please make a Lost Child point your first stop to ensure a safe and fun day for the whole family.


A number of First Aid Stations will be located around the foreshore on Langley Park, Supreme Court Gardens, Kings Park, Matilda Bay and Sir James Mitchell Park.  

Please make note of the nearest First Aid Station to you and if required please ask Event or Security staff for directions to the nearest First Aid Station.