Another Warm Summer On The Cards For WA.

Sky News Weather outlook looks hot

Another Warm Summer On The Cards For WA.

It's not a bad idea to start stocking up on sunscreen and fluids, because summer could be a scorcher once again in WA.

That's according to the Sky News Weather severe weather season outlook for 2017-18, which covers the months of October to April.

Now, we could bore you with every minute detail, but here's the main points to come from it.

In terms of severe thunderstorms and wet conditions, the Perth Metro area will experience 4-7 days worth, which is about average. Parts of the South West, South Coast and the western Wheatbelt can experience similar conditions.

For places throughout the east Wheatbelt, Goldfields and South East Coast, that could be a little different and at the mercy of what happens with tropical cyclones in the northern coast of WA. The prediction is at least 1 cyclone as a Category 3 or above, while 2 cyclones are expected to hit land.

What about temperatures?

Over summer, the very southern parts of WA will have average temperatures. This includes Busselton, Bridgetown, Albany and Esperance.

But north of that, the outlook is for above average temperatures.

For example, last year Perth was a full one degree warmer than the long term average. That's expected to happen again.

And a heatwave is a shoe-in. Perth's averages one heatwave per summer, with the outlook predicting 1-2 heatwaves over the coming months (this outlook is for 5 consecutive days or more of 5 degrees above the average).

The startling stat to come from it all is this: this coming summer could be the 12th consecutive warm season above average temperatures.

So, the "slip slop slap" message will be an important one again.