Aussie Kids On The Street Corner

Would You Walk Past?

Right now in our country, there are approximately 46,000 children in need of a home.

These numbers get me every time.

My brain and my heart cannot fathom this.

These children are removed from their birth family due to abuse and neglect and will often never be restored to their birth parents.

Instead, they are likely to bounce from home to home over their 12 and half years in the care system or find themselves for several months in a hotel with a caseworker. (WHAT!!??)

Some of these little ones can even end up living in a residential group home with shift workers (but it’s without a parent figure)

Last year just 278 kids were adopted in Australia!!!!

You do the math.

In my opinion, these numbers are not good enough.

Deborah-lee Furness, wife of Hugh Jackman is a strong leader in this space with her advocacy organisation “Adopt Change” that she set up 10 years ago.

 “If any Australian saw a two-year-old sitting by themselves on a street on the corner would they just keep walking by? No. So that’s what I’m saying — these kids need us grown-ups to advocate for them and I don’t need every Australian to adopt a child — I need them to be aware that they need a permanent family or need support services,” Furness said.

If your heart is broken over these number check out

#NationalAdoptionAwarenessWeek 12 -18 November 2017

There is a lot of red tape and stalling on policy changes around adoption in our country, but you can definitely have your say and write to your local MP or show your support at

Come on Australia let’s give these 46,000 individuals, precious children a permanent, loving home.


Love Polly