Bunbury Boxer Alex Hanan Does It Again

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Bunbury Boxer Alex Hanan Does It Again

Last Monday at Denning Boxing and Fitness Gym In Bunbury I watched young champ Alex Hanan shadow boxing in the lead up to his fight on Friday night in Hurstville NSW.

I said to him, I don't know who this bloke you're fighting is but I'm very happy it's not me!

After a relatively short training camp of just 6 weeks and the flight to the east the fight lasted just 1.39 with a KO over 43 year old NZ pro Nick Hikuroa.

While the guys were not exactly mates, Alex, himself a native New Zealander, had followed Nick's career from about age 11 or 12 and despite a long career the older boxer had no chance against speed and power.

Lots and lots of power!

During the fight preparations Alex, and the gym lost head Coach Peter Stokes after a long battle with cancer.

For a short while there was some conjecture Alex would pull away to grieve the loss however the voice of his coach was always present and Alex "bit down hard and boxed on"

After a few more fights there will be a title shot, the next bout will be on March 16 in Perth against another local, Harlem Ottaway who has had 2 MMA fights but no boxing.

I say again, I'm glad it's him and not me!