Bunbury Parking Strategy Is Not Working

Public Forum Coming Soon

Bunbury Parking Strategy Is Not Working

A public forum to once again address the parking policy in the Bunbury CBD will be told the current situation is not working.

The City of Bunbury removed paid parking in the CBD several months ago and instigated a new policy of 2 hours free parking in an attempt to attract shoppers back into the city.

The meters were introduced to create "churn" in the Bunbury CBD when cars were parked, sometimes by shop owners, and moved from space to space, therefore making parking by shoppers increasingly difficult.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan would not elaborate today when asked about programs or works that had not been able to proceed in Bunbury due to almost $1 million in lost revenue when the parking meters were changed.

Mr Brennan also said "the current policy has not worked"

The public forum will be held on July 18.