Firearm Incident in Nannup

65 Year Old Man Arrested

Firearm Incident in Nannup

South West Police are investigating an incident outside the Nannup Police station, where a man discharged a firearm several times. 

An off duty officer was at home near the Nannup Police Station, when he saw a trailer and a motorcycle being dragged and abandoned outside the station at around 2am.

A man in a nearby vehicle was also shining a light into the officer’s private residence.

The vehicle then left and was located by police a short time later in the Nannup town.

The male driver of the vehicle sped off after being confronted by officers, and was then found driving recklessly in the car park of the police station shortly after.

Police then heard a gunshot, and saw the man was armed with a firearm. He threatened police before driving off.

He was then heard again driving recklessly around the Nannup area, before returning to the police station and discharging his firearm a number of times.

The man returned to the police station again armed with a knife at around 5am, where he was arrested.

The 65 year old Nannup man was taken to Bunbury District Hospital for a health assessment.

Inquiries will continue into the incident.