Local Business Wins

City’s local focus working

Local Business Wins

Bunbury businesses are reaping the benefits of City contracts with millions of dollars’ worth of recent work helping to boost the local economy.

Along with work already under way, the construction of big ticket items such as the City’s new works depot and Koombana foreshore revitalisation project will further enhance Bunbury’s economic and social vibrancy.

Significant work that has recently been awarded to Bunbury businesses includes a Traffic Management tender that is worth approximately $940,000 over three years, construction of the South West Sports Centre accessible changerooms (awarded to Smith Constructions and valued around $250,000), plus renovation of the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre flytower (awarded to Civilcon and valued around $600,000).

Civilcon was also the successful tenderer for the new works depot at a cost of just under $7 million.

The awarding a recent tenders follows on from the significant amount of work being carried out by South West firms as part of the Koombana foreshore revitalisation project.

Sixteen South West contractors are engaged on the project, with the value of local work being $7.85m, or 72 per cent of the total funds to be spent.