Lotterywest A Great Benefit For the WA Community

Dream of winning the lotto?

Lotterywest A Great Benefit For the WA Community
We all dream of winning the lotto and bathing in millions of dollars!
Over the past five years, Lotterywest has distributed more than $7.7 million in first division prizes alone to Bunbury residents! Not only that, but more than $6 million of Lotterywest funding has been given to Bunbury organisations and events.
It's normal to get that rush of excitement when you get your hands on a lotto ticket, this is why Lotterywest is a valuable organisation to have in the community. There are 14 Lotto retailers in the greater Bunbury area, which all make a significant contribution to the success of the community.
Member for Bunbury, Don Punch says there's nothing like it in WA.
"There is no disputing Lotterywest is unique in WA for the community benefit it delivers. I cannot think of another organisation that is able to respond so directly to support the specific and unique needs and aspirations of our community", he said.  
Plus, don't we all know someone who works or worked at the local newsagent? 
Authorised by Don Punch for the Australian Labour Party, 4B Spencer Street Bunbury