'Love Your Library' Launches in Bunbury

Online Campaign

'Love Your Library' Launches in Bunbury image: City of Bunbury Public Libraries facebook

The 'Love Your Library' social media campaign has been launched this month at Bunbury's public libraries, which hopes to show that there's more to libraries than just books.

The six week online campaign gives Facebook users the chance to learn more about what the Bunbury and Withers libraries have on offer.

The community can learn about e-resources, e-classes, Live and Learn Workshops, Children’s Literacy and Learning programs, what it means to be an e-smart library, home library services, events and more.

To view what's on offer, simply like the library Facebook page.

The Bunbury Public Library is located at Parkfield Street, Bunbury and the Withers Community Library can be found at Hudson Road, Withers.

For more information visit http://library.bunbury.wa.gov.au/SitePages/Home.aspx or www.facebook.com/bunburylibrary/ or www.facebook.com/bunburycity/